We are a Creative,
Independent Incubator
making products that
Augment Human Potential.
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We hire people,
not roles.
We are looking for talented people who want to build the next generation of software. We are taking a new approach to timeless problems and need passionate visionaries to help us push the edge of what is possible with technology.

We believe that business can be a force for good and that all employees should be respected. At Omatum, employees self-direct their careers with guidance from senior members of the company.

You will be given responsibility and independence, and work across functions collaboratively. We provide above-market compensation, a stellar work environment, a promising future, and only hire high potential individuals in their respected fields.

If you're looking for a challenge, don't hesitate to contact us today.
Mission Statement
Omatum creates web and mobile applications designed to help people be better. We plan to create an ecosystem of software products that will be sold to our users as subscription based tools. Our long term goal is to provide solutions which effectively increase the productivity and well-being of our users through automation, idea suggestion, and guidance. Our products passively encourage good habits, correct bad habits, and establish accountability. This design puts people on a path to maximize their potential.
At its core, Omatum is about "augmenting human potential", with the business ethos established around the vision of creating products that will make life easier and more fulfilling for our users. Our plan is to eventually have enough Omatum products established so every aspect of someone's life will be more efficiently managed and put on the path of success. We will provide tangible results to individuals and businesses by pioneering software design principles that allow our software to no longer be inert. Instead our software will continually adapt and respond to changing data, effectively interacting with and influencing our users just as much as they interact and influence it.
We created Omatum because we believe software can make people better. We know we can create solutions that will integrate with an individual’s life and effectively bring them to the next level of human existence. These solutions won’t be easy to manifest, but we’re confident in our capability to execute them. Technology now allows software to be extremely intelligent; companies like us will continue to emerge and produce solutions the world didn’t think computers could practically solve.
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At Omatum, we don't work for clients, and that gives us an incredible opportunity to explore any idea we find interesting. Every idea is the groundwork for a new project, and is treated as one. When projects are put through our incubation process, it will go through different phases before it's complete. We keep track of that, so that any shelved project can be easily returned to when the time is right.
  • DCC
    Experimental system design in traffic enforcement
  • fortydays
    System design around healthcare
  • codeboard
    Physical productivity hardware for developers
  • Circlefarm
    Idea management tool
  • ProjectTV
    Experimental streaming platform for doers
  • VACnet
    Highly authentic online experiences
Scope + Plan
  • DoThru
    Evolution of teaching methods
  • MediaMunk
    Suite for media creators
  • OHS
    Experimental system for health data
  • MM Mesh
    Media linking tool
  • MM Library
    Deep media tagging and search platform
  • TUAS
    Experimental redesign of calendaring system
  • Duranki
    Platform as a Service made easy
At Omatum we follow a seven-step process to bring ideas into reality as an incubator. Our incubation process allows us to rapidly and thoroughly prototype products and provides several breakpoints for evaluation.
How We Select Projects
It's free forever
Market Size
Just Me
It's already being done
Will take a lifelong dedication
It's questionably legal
Idea Expansion
Every project starts as a simple thought. A concept. An idea. Once an idea is brought to the table, a brainstorm can strengthen it. There are no limits to an idea, giving infinite opportunities and no constricting boundaries.
Scope + Plan
With the idea being expanded, we have to bring it back into the real world. What aspects of the idea make sense, and what aspects simply don't? What market should you target? Planning out a project includes figuring out what you know, what you don't know, and what you need to find out.
Projects require a level of research to assure that they are actually possible to do. The feasibility isn't exclusively limited to what can physically - or digitally - be created. We have to also make sure that nothing planned out has already been done, breaks any terms of services, or violates existing laws.
Once we know a project is feasible, we have to make it look and visibly function the right way through a model. Besides making it just have a nice appearance, the design process also includes identifying and solving any problems that would otherwise show up later during development, where it would be much harder to fix.
This is where everything starts to come into reality. The project starts to come together as a finished product, whether it's been coded or physically manufactured. Decisions are now final, and the project is being produced.
More than just releasing the project to the world; launching brings a solution to an audience. It needs marketing. It needs to be sold to people. A goal when launching a product is to get it in the hands of as many people as possible in as little time as possible.
When the project gets big, you want it to stay big. Scaling expands gives the project a chance to have a permanent foothold on the market by expanding it to global levels. At this point, the project may become large enough to break off into its own company.
We are a Creative, Independent Incubator making products that Augment Human Potential.
We only work on things that we think are important, which didn't include the mobile / mini version of this website.
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