The history of Omatum

Omatum creates web and mobile applications designed to help people be better. We plan to create an ecosystem of software products that will be sold to our users as subscription based tools. Our long term goal is to provide solutions which effectively increase the productivity and well-being of our users through automation, idea suggestion, and guidance. Our products passively encourage good habits, correct bad habits, and establish accountability. This design puts people on a path to maximize their potential.

At its core, Omatum is about "augmenting human potential", with the business ethos established around the vision of creating products that will make life easier and more fulfilling for our users. Our plan is to eventually have enough Omatum products established so every aspect of someone's life will be more efficiently managed and put on the path of success. We will provide tangible results to individuals and businesses by pioneering software design principles that allow our software to no longer be inert. Instead our software will continually adapt and respond to changing data, effectively interacting with and influencing our users just as much as they interact and influence it.

We created Omatum because we believe software can make people better. We know we can create solutions that will integrate with an individual’s life and effectively bring them to the next level of human existence. These solutions won’t be easy to manifest, but we’re confident in our capability to execute them. Technology now allows software to be extremely intelligent; companies like us will continue to emerge and produce solutions the world didn’t think computers could practically solve.

Omatum HQ in Jacksonville, FL
The Team
  • Greg Dizzia
    Founder | Developer | Designer

    Greg Dizzia, the founder of Omatum, has been a software engineer for over ten years; he has worked with clients ranging from idea–stage startups to Fortune 500 companies and most recently was a senior engineer at a prominent tech incubator. In addition to his seasoned career as an engineer, he is an internationally recognized designer specializing in user interfaces and information visualization.

  • Christal Lam
    Legal Counsel | Startup Advisor

    Christal Lam is the proprietor of her own law practice and represents startup companies through all phase of their growth. Her expertise includes corporate formation, governance, and financing. Christal excels at articulating complex concepts and educating clients, so they can make informed business decisions. She received a B.A in Philosophy from Biola University and a J.D. degree from the Gonzaga University School of Law.

  • Christie Dizzia
    Relationship Curator

    Christie Dizzia has extensive experience in marketing communications and community engagement. She helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals by developing brand messaging, improving brand recognition, and increasing market share. Her creative approach to marketing allows her to connect with a variety of businesses and help them implement a solid marketing plan designed to promote growth and revenue.

Why work at Omatum?

We are looking for talented people who want to build the next generation of software. We are taking a new approach to timeless problems and need passionate visionaries to help us push the edge of what is possible with technology.

We believe that business can be a force for good and that all employees should be respected. At Omatum, employees self-direct their careers with guidance from senior members of the company.

You will be given responsibility and independence, and work across functions collaboratively. We provide above-market compensation, a stellar work environment, a promising future, and only hire high potential individuals in their respected fields.

If you're looking for a challenge, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Positions we will need to fill
  • Design / Development / Business Apprentice
  • Sales Engineer / Director of Sales
  • Designer — Marketing
  • Designer — UI/UX
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Developer — Mobile/Desktop
  • Developer — Backend
  • Developer — Frontend
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